Graham Kahler (grahamtastic) wrote,
Graham Kahler

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The screw turns! Someone calls!

And so we emerge: bleary-eyed, tousle-haired, a little sadder and a little wiser. Yes, that's right, MoCCA is over and done with for another year. This was my first time in attendance and I must say that future conventions have a lot to live up to. I met many wonderful and inspiring individuals, cementing my belief that comics people are the nicest people in the world. Thank you everyone for the kind words and the trades. I've got a lot of reading ahead of me.

Despite the heat, I was reluctant to leave New York. It may have been my crippling hangover. It may have been all the running around with Roger, Amy, and their friends. It may even have been some strange form of heat prostration. Who can tell? Eventually, I will be able to parse this five day extravaganza out, and then I will let you know.
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