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I should have done this awhile ago

From the New Reliable Press website:
Kaz is amazing
New format! The third volume of You Ain’t No Dancer anthology goes themeless. I’m sure that I’m biased, but I really feel that this is probably the strongest of the 3 YAND books. Really solid contributions from a lot of great folks.

Now listing in Previews. Please spread the word around. Be sure to ask your comic shop to order it in.

This book will be debuting at SPX, where a bunch of the contributors will be in attendance. I will be posting more info, including previews from the book over the next couple of weeks.

Contributors include:

•Kazimir Strzepek (also cover)
•Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson
•Blaise Larmee
•Catia Chien
•Coleman Engle
•Colleen MacIsaac
•Dalton Sharp
•Dalton Webb
•Dorothy Gambrell
•Graham Kahler
•Grant Reynolds
•Ira Marcks
•Jason Turner
•Jeff Bent
•Jeremy Sorese
•Jon Sukarangsan
•Jordyn Bochon
•Kate Beaton
•KC Green
•Ken Dahl
•Kim Hoang
•Lars Brown
•Lucy Knisley
•Mike Laughead
•Mitch Clem & Jason Oberbichler
•Patrick Murphy
•Phil Barrett
•Phil McAndrew
•Steve Rolston & Sabina

Retail Price: $11.99
Format: 8in x 8in, 176 pages, B&W, Soft Cover
Diamond Order Code: JUL084163
ISBN: 978-0-9738079-3-6

Cooler folk than I have already posted about this; but let it stand as a reminder to those who know, and an introduction to those who don't. You Ain't No Dancer is a consistently wonderful anthology, and I feel supremely privileged to be a contributing member for the third time in a row. I would agree with Mr. Ed Brisson's assessment above: this one looks like it's going to blow the doors off of the previous ones, just based on the creator list alone. Give my story a passing salute when you skip over it for the better stuff.

There will also be an exhibit of YAND contributors' work at Lucky's Comic Shop in Vancouver (BC), on September 26. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go (my passport is on an altogether different coast), but two of my pages will be in attendance, and they're much better conversationalists than I.

Three months without posting, and suddenly the floodgates are open. Just call me Mr. Consistency.
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