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The Funnies

We Fought in the War
Things have been so busy busy busy (busy) around here lately. I guess the first order of business is to point out that the preceding image (as well as the following) are all going to be a part of this exhibit. Portland, Maine friends should probably keep the 6th of February clear if they are interested in going to the opening.

Comfort Feuds
Cat 'Stache Fever!
A cleaned up version of an old favorite. I prefer the guy's expression in this one.
The Alchemist
Incidentally, this is the first of THREE shows I am working on right now. I am enjoying myself immensely and even experimenting a bit with things (expect some paintings on wood in the not too distant future), but my story ideas for my comics are getting really restless. There's not much space in my head, so I expect they'll come spilling out sooner rather than later.

Bleh, enough of the personal exposition. How is everybody doing?
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