Graham Kahler (grahamtastic) wrote,
Graham Kahler

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With my head out on the ledge

The okay has been given, so here's my teaser story for Plotz #0 in its entirety. I already have a number of ideas cooking in the ol' brain kitchen, but I can't say which one will make it into the first proper issue of Plotz. It'll all depend on which idea requires the most leg room to stretch out with. Are my metaphors as tired as I feel right now? Enjoy:

On the Air one

On the Air two
On the Air three
On the Air four

Haven't forgotten about posting things for purchasing, if any of you are chomping at the bit (hahahahaha, right) to get your hands on some minis and paintings. I've been a little the worse for wear health-wise lately, so bear with me as I pull myself together.
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