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And I never missed my water, till my well went dry

Well, the talk went much better than expected. After about ten minutes my hands stopped shaking and everybody really seemed to get into it. I had brought along a lot of my inspirations (various comics, a couple of old bookplates I've collected, etc.), some of my originals, and my computer to show my digital work. A lot of good questions were asked, and I got to expound upon some pet theories; like the benefits of knowing every stage of production for your work (even the stuff that might be out of your hands), the joys and pitfalls of obsessing over everything, and why it's good to be a snob.

I ended up talking for over an hour without even realizing it. So let that stand as a warning for anyone naive enough to get into a discussion with me about, well, anything.

And, since I'm fed up with constantly working on things and not showing them off for months, here are some sketches for my story idea for Plotz.

some sketches
Katie Beaton, please find included one (1) image of yours truly getting socked in the face. Since you were curious.
more sketches
I've figured out the story, it's just the dialogue that's being a pain. Probably because I don't actually talk to anyone anymore. Except, apparently, to classrooms full of design students.
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