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Hello, all. I just returned from seeing Efterklang in Philly (which I would recommend to anyone with ears on their head), and felt it was high time for some updating. Bullet points, away!:

-I no longer have a job. I gave my two weeks notice on the first, setting Phase One of my masterly masterful plan into motion.
-Said masterly masterful plan includes attending MoCCA, visiting friends up and down the east coast, and then moving to Portland, Oregon. I've heard tales of cartoonists roaming wild like wildebeests in that great state, and have felt a passionate burning sensation behind the eyelids to join them in their revels.
-The mini comic I have spent the better part of the month working on will probably not be done in time for MoCCA (unless I learn how to bend space and time within the week). I will still have copies of Blunderbuss with me though, so find me in my wanderings and buy, trade, or steal a copy at your leisure.

I will be finishing the mini at some point in the near future, most likely in spite of myself. So in the meantime, here's a small vignette to whet what little appetite you may have for my work.

page the first
page the second
number three

Any criticisms or praises are welcome.
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