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I've lost track of all the time...

For Ian
The above image is a gift to my brother (and his exceptionally large cat, Silver) for Christmas. It, along with some paintings I did for my parents, have been updated to my flickr.

Also of note: there is a new painting for sale on Periodic Tables. It is a bit of a departure from my recent coloring endeavors and looks a bit like this:
Nothing to do with Prodigy

In other Graham related news, I've been keeping myself busy with a few commissions, and have developed a taste for it. If anyone were interested in pitching $20 or $30 my way (that's black and white and color pricing for 8"x10"s, respectively), I most certainly wouldn't say no. Those of you I may have mentioned with regards to art trades should throw work at me in lieu of the monies.

More news of an artistic bent soon. A small number of generous people have been asking some delightful questions of me lately. I promise to strip the coat of vague off of that statement as soon as I can.

Hope everyone's New Year is off to a rollicking start.
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